Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thinking Outside the Canvas

Recently, I ordered some new aprons for the art room. They are white canvas aprons. I couldn't resist their stark blankness. So, I painted one of them!

Here is the finished painting. I used acrylic paint and it seems like it will hold up well. Many of my students asked "Why are you painting an apron?" I'm not sure why I did...but I like it! Next project is to paint a small table in the art room that needs some TLC.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New and DECORATED Artroom!

This will be our second year in the new art room. Last year it took every bit of my free time to get 2 entire art rooms (elem and hs) packed, combined, moved and organized into the current new room. This year I only had to pack, combine, move and organize one room (middle school). That left me a little time to decorate the stark, sterile white walls in the new classroom. Over the years I have collected things here and there to hang. I finally got some of them up and I mean some. I have a lot more to put up. The walls in the art room are begging for color!

My mother-in-law gave me this. I love it. It's darling. If I has a little girl I would hang it in her room. But so far, just a little boy and pink hearts don't exactly fit in to our home decor. So, I gave it a special place in the art room where I can see it everyday. ;)

This was in my parents basement for YEARS! Never did find it's way to a wall. I think it was a gift from my great-aunt and uncle after a trip to Venezuela. Another item that did not fit into the decor, but is right at home in the art room.

Another picture from my mother-in-law. I love this picture. It is so me. Colorful and artistic mixed with cowboy. One of my favorites. Perfect in this room.

I know what you are thinking! No, this is not the original. :) I painted this last year when I assigned the students in painting class to paint a "Forgery Painting". A lot of times I will sit down and paint, draw, whatever with the students. I think they learn the most from observation.

Yes, another gift from great-aunt and uncle. This guy has not seen the light of day for darn near quarter of a century as he has been stuffed in storage in my parents basement. He must be so excited to be in the art room. All of the hustle and bustle of kids being creative. I am sure he is a little overwhelmed.

When I was in a collage art class everyone stretched their own canvas. Then we put them all (30 some) together to make one giant canvas. Then everyone painted it together using lots of free paint they got from the hazardous waste center. When we were done everyone got their own canvas back. This was mine.

I took an awesome trip to Chicago with my sister this summer. We had so much fun. Of course we hit up the Chicago Art Institute. I got some great coasters there. But, who needs a coaster in an art room, so I changed them into magnets. Love em!

My favorite addition so far. Not exactly art, but very inspiring.
This is the art room, decorated, so far. Thanks for tuning in...planning on posting some art lessons soon and will let you know what we have been up to lately!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Little Helper

Preparing for the upcoming school year is always exciting. I love the feeling of a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless! This year I had a little "help" getting my classroom ready, my 2 year old son Cal. While I was organizing, planning and rearranging I set up all sorts of arts and crafts for him. He grew tired of the crayons and markers quickly.

So, I decided to get out the big guns....acrylic paint and a giant canvas. I suited him up in mom's art apron and turned him loose.

PEEK! :)

Ready to get my paint on!

And he's off! I started him out with a canvas I had already painted red.
With small kids it is best to work in layers, one color at a time.
Let the color layers dry in between, otherwise you end up with mud.

So, intense! I gave him the paint and checked in on him every now and then.
He LOVED it!

We took a snack break for 10-15 min while we let the 1st layer dry.

When the white was dry we moved onto blue.

I have done water colors with Cal, even when he was very small.
He enjoyed it, but I have to say he REALLY enjoyed this painting.

I think he liked the texture of the acrylic paint and the freedom.
(don't we all?)

It was sooooo much fun to watch him concentrate.
This project really captured his attention.
Cal has a couple more layers left on his painting.
When he finishes it I will reveal his finished masterpiece!

Needless to say, mom did not get much done. She was having too much fun watching the "helper" and snapping pictures of him. Oh well, I somehow managed to be ready on the first day. I always do. ;)

I love children's art. So innocent and expressive. No inhibitions. Put it in a simple frame and hang it one the wall and there you have it, something very special and beautiful.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to School

Yet another summer has come and gone. Now it's, back-to-school!
Ahhh, the unsharpened pencils, clean, crisp notebooks, undoodled on folders and book covers and sharp crayons...all just waiting for school to begin.
This will be my 7th year teaching art. This apron (my best friend) has been with me the entire going on 7 years. This is what my wardrobe would look like without it! Oh, the trials and tribulations we have been through together!
Where has the time gone? Over the years I have taught a thing or two and ,oh my, have I learned a thing or two. I hope that this blog will bring a thing or two your way. Tune in for the latest goings ons in the Art Room. I hope that you will use this blog to learn, teach or just appreciate art.